Our body consists of more than 70% water. This also goes for the earth. Water is indispensable for all life on earth. The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto once said:

"By influencing water positively, we have the key to healing ourselves and the earth"

Water has the ability to store information to which it was exposed. It is able to hold on to the offered frequencies and pass them on. Water is the basis of all Pro Cell products. By adding the energy of one or several elements to vitalized water, water acquires a specific character.

Cell-level recovery

Each individual cell in our body is a unique living creature with physical, mental and spiritual aspects. The beauty of  Pro Cell products is that they, after ingestion, become part of this living creature. With that, form and content can actually be given. The cells are provided with the correct information, thus triggering a proces of self-recovery.

Energy body in balance

All Micro Elements support the detoxification of contaminated cells, which promotes self recovery. Also, the elements activate the natural polarity of the cells. Contamination of these cells are caused by pathogens, toxic substances, radiation and mental and/or emotional imbalance. Ingestion, application to the skin or maintaining in the energy field of the Micro Elements contributes positively to the cleaning process. Activation of the natural polarity as mentioned, is the second basic effect. Normally, there is a positive charge outside the cell and a negative charge inside the cell and vice versa. Becauses of this, building materials can be pulled in the cells and waste can exit the cells. As a result of the aforementioned enviromental insults, the polarity o.ws a mixed picture of + en -. The Micro elements help with the recovery of this imbalance.

“We remind our bodies of healthy behaviour. It is not a remedy for an ailment. Just a little push in the right direction makes the body recover itself”


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