Pro Cell products in your practice

Every therapist has its own unique method. The choice for one or several formulas depends on the type of practice, the client and the symptoms they have. We can gladly give you our honest advice.
Life Matters also has a test kit that you may like to work with. In this kit you will find all the products of Pro Cell, Micro Elements as well as Cell Essentials.
Coaching Micro element TherapyBesides advise on suitable formulas for your practice, it is possible to plan sessions for personal coaching. Jeroen van Cuijk can advise you with the integration of Micro Elements and Cell Essentials in your current methods.

"Would you like to receive advice on the use of the Pro Cell products in your practice?
That is possible!"

Personal health plan Pro Cell

People are increasingly aware of the necessity to invest in their health. Besides good nutrition, exercise and a healthy balance between work and free time, you can take it a step further. Because of code errors in the cells our body does not always function optimum. With the use of the right Pro Cell formula you can work on recovery at cell level.
The need is of course different for every person. We carefully put together a personal health plan for you in which we indicate which formula(s) of Pro Cell would work the best. Should a product of a different supplier fit better, we will also include that in the plan. Should you have any question or wish to receive more information or advise, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you.