Cell Essentials

Besides micro elements body cells need essential sugars, essential salts (minerals) and fatty acids to function optimally. Life Matters developed the Cell Essentials to fully meet the needs of the cells.
The Cell Essentials are subdivided in Essential Sugars, Essential Salts and Essential Oils. Within these three product groups a formula has been developed: XL Communication, I Trust and Immunity.

Essential Sugars

Essential sugars can be found in the antennas of the cell. These natural sugarmolecules play a key role in cellular communication, serving as the 'channels' that cells use to talk to one another. In this way, the cells help each other to function better. The formula XL Communication had been specially developed to support the cell's sugar antennas in using the correct frequencies. Essential sugars also play an important role in the clean up of pathogenic bacteria.

Essential Salts

Essential salts (minerals) in the cell contain several natural salts, that contribute to the biological balance in the cell. The salts of Pro Cell work directly on the cel. Vitalized water, obtained by a process of reverse osmosis, is an excellent transporter of the miniscule salt molecules. The salt molecules are easily obtained in the cell.

Essential Oils

Fatty acids from essential oils have an important role with the distribution mechanism of the cell. This mechanism protects the cell against malicious intruders. Also toxic substances are eliminated. The formula Immunity contributes to the immunity of the cell by giving the cell wall correct fatty acid information.