Life Matters

Making an assential contribution to a conscious and healthy life forms the basis of all Life Matters' activities. Life Matters develops and distributes 100% naturally pure wellness products within the European market. Life Matters was founded in 2010 by Jeroen van Cuijk en Nicoline van Oord, both working as naturopathic therapists.
We want to reach our goals faster and faster. The evidence based approach is populair. Life Matters believes that the experience is so important. Application of the Micro Elements gives insight, results are a logical consequence. The possibilities are endless. It is applicable to all walks of life.

"When you reactivate the natural codes you automatically come to life as it is intended"

Jeroen van Cuijk

As a seasoned therapist, Jeroen has years of experience with the Micro Elements. Touched by the simplicity and strength of this product, Jeroen and Nicoline decided to represent the Micro Elements from The Netherlands. In the Netherlands and in other European countries more and more people are discovering our celular wellness products. The three new formulas from the series Cell Essentials were developed by Jeroen himself.

Nicoline van Oord

In addition to her work as a trauma therapist, Nicoline is responsible for Communication and Organisational activities within Life Matters.

"The Pro Cell products actually penetrate the cell level complaint. I would like to share that experience!"