Micro Elements

The Micro Elements of Pro Cell activate the self-healing ability of our body cells. Precise measuring equipment can detect the results right away. Micro Elements are mineral and metal particles that in small quantities, by nature, appear in our cells. An excess or deficit of a certain elements can lead to disfunction and eventually to physical and/or mental complaints. The Micro Elements of Pro Cell bring a balance to the proper level of elements. At a cellular level, one or more Micro Elements are added to vitalized water. Water can store and pass along information.
Elements are part of the water, giving it a specific character. The Micro Elements of Pro Cell are based on the periodic table of elements of the Rusian chemist Mendeleev. Micro elements are indispensable for well functioning processes. Each Micro Element has its unique characteristics and functions. Our body cells make use of that. Supplementation of the correct elements activates the cell energy.

SingleMicro Elements

By working on a particular element the proper balance of essential elements in your body can be restored. For example the Micro Element No 4 Courage can contribute positively to reaction to pain and stimulate the behaviour to follow your heart with pride. Micro Element No 26 Satisfaction is helpful with detoxifying the body and gives support in response to the feeling of fear of falling short.

CompoundMicro Elements

Composite formulas contain a combination of simple elements that support/strengthen each other. Disruptions that cause an imbalance in our system, can be supported with these formulas. Our ability to self heal will be activated. This imbalance can manifest itself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The composite formula No 92 Growth teaches you, for example, to look at life from a learning process, at soul level. It promotes growth and development.

SpecializedMicro Elements

12Protection (No 79) and 24Life (No 93) are examples of specialized elements. These broad based products are designed to improve our overall well being. By optimizing celular exchange processes, the uptake of nutrients and the excretion of waist can be proved.