With lymes disease it is often thought that the tick is the only culprit. This infectious disease, often caused by Borrelia bacteria, can also be submitted by other insects such as mosquitoes, flies, lice and fleas. To treat this disease it is important to know where the pathogen came from and who “his partner in crime” was.

Diagnosis is complex
De diagnosing lymes disease is very complex because of the enormous variety and difference of intensity of the symptoms. Methods of diagnosis often fall short with the correct determination of the diagnosis. Even though the disease is transmitted by blood, it is not always visible in the blood.

Complaints and symptoms
The complaints and symptoms of lymes disease vary from person to person, but mostly characteristics are inflammation of the nerve system. First affected are the peripheral nerves and later also the central nervous system. When the disease penetrates deeper the brain and spinal cord are attacked. Lymes disease is a Multi System Condition that can be life threatening.

To unmask the partner in crime
When treating lymes disease, it is often overlooked that the Borrelia bacteria uses a host such as a parasite or virus. Together with this “partner in crime” the Borrelia bacteria determines the extensive and complicated picture of lyme. In order to treat this disease effectively, it is important to unmask the partner in crime!

To really get a grip on lymes, it is important to understand where the pathogen came from. Where did the infection take place? It is very important to know the exact location of penetration on your skin. Even though sometimes no longer visible, treatment of the location of penetration is of primary importance. Through the cutanicus nerve it can be determined via which nerves and fascias lymes was able to develop.

Treatment with No 35 Live
Lymes has a benign cell proliferation with, unfortunately, negative side effects. Micro element No 35 Live (Lutetium), makes a positive contribution to this process. It tackles the deeper story behind lyme, namely fear for life. No 35 Live helps you to face your life lessons fearlessly.

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