Pro Cell

Besides Micro Elements, Life Matters developed Cell Essentials to fully meet the needs of our cells. This complete line of products, a total concept for the cell, took the name Pro Cell.
Micro Elements consist of single, composite and specialized Micro Elements. These formulas have been based on the periodic table of elements of Mendeleev. Water, which has undergone a process of osmosis, forms the basis of the elements of Pro Cell.
The Cell Essentials serie consists of three formulas : I Trust, Immunity and XL Communication. In addition to water, essential sugars, minerals and oil (fatty acids), are part of these products.

Pro Cell products are safely applicable.

• as a separate form of therapy• in combination with other forms of therapy and products• as a supplement to our daily nutrition• with electro-magnetic radiation

Micro Element Therapy

In cooperation with a laboratory, 74 different Micro Elements have been developed. When addressing a symptom, a specific element or a combination of elements can be supportive in the therapy. Current day syndromes play an important role. Each Micro Element contributes uniquely to the biophysical and bio-energetic processes.

Integration in other forms of therapy

Micro Elements and Cell Essentials are very suitable as support of any other form of therapy, regular as well al alternative. Micro Elements strengthen the effect of therapy. They can be easily integrated into several forms of treatment.
DosingThe advised dosing is 3x daily 10 drops. One can follow their own intuition in this. Also, a therapist could give guidance as to the required amount of daily intake. The drops should be taken orally, under the tong, preferably before a meal. Application on the skin, introducing it to the aura or mixed in combination with other products is also possible.

"The products contain the correct codes of our existence"

Animals and plantsMicro elements and Cell Essentials have been very effective as treatments for plants and animals. Should you like to receive more information about this, please feel free to contact us.