Complaint patterns have become more complex. Syndromes penetrate our system deeper. This requires a more curious and creative approach.

It would be great if the regular and alternative medicine circuit would join hands. Unfortunately this process doesn’t seem to evolve much yet. That is a shame because the natural evolution continues and doesn’t take social, economic and political developments into consideration. To be able to really be of importance, we increasingly have to understand the overall picture of humans.

The core of the complaint 
Old traumas, congenital and acquired ill making micro-organisms are the reason of vulnerable control systems in the human body. Every new invasion of our health, often results in more complaints in the same vulnerable part of the body. Present symptoms usually mask the underlying problem that has not been resolved.

A good example is the herpes virus, which u.a. causes a vulnerability to the slim layers of the body. Various forms of bacteria and molds can attach to the herpes virus. As a result mutations form which can make the virus act like a parasite and invade the body deeper, causing danger for organs and the spinal cord to show deviations.

Do you treat the patients on the basis of the original diagnosis of herpes virus, or treat it like a parasite? And what are the emotional and spiritual aspects of the micro-organisms.

The best result
When making a final diagnosis, you can ask yourself the “why” question. Assume that every diagnosis has a sub-diagnosis. The deeper you can get to the core of the complaint, the better the result.

Since currently we are shifting from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, the vision on illness and health will change rapidly. More traditional medicine, such as mainstream medicine, but also classic homeopathy, will have to start working from a new perspective. This is crucial to safequard the health of the human race. We will also increasingly have to rely on our own insight and intuition. No MRI scan can compete with that!


“Pathogens are most likely better able to adapt the changing circumstances than the human race.”